September 30, 2011 Posted by abelag in The Premier Private Jet Company News


In every respect, the Falcon 7X is the best business jet ever produced by Dassault. The aircraft, which joined our fleet on mid-September, was first officially launched by the French aircraft manufacturerduring the 2001 Paris Air Show. It is the first aircraft of the type to join abelag’s fleet. A major change indeed as this airplane is simply the largest ever put into revenue service by our company. The Falcon 7X also pushes back every limits in terms or range, system technology and comfort onboard. Thanks to a brand new wing, the aircraft’s yield has been improved by about 30% thus enabling for shorter runways landings and a much better range. These improvements have not had any effect on the take-off distances. Instead, and again because of its new wing, the new jet can operate from short runways. It is even the only aircraft in its category to be certified for operation on the exigent London City Airport. With a range of 11 000 km, the Falcon 7X can easily reach Los Angeles, Tokyo, Johannesburg or Rio de Janeiro from Brussels direct. The aircraft is a three-engine jet. A technical feature which allows it to get rid of the operational limitation that are imposed to the twin-jets notably for the oversea flights (the so-called ETOPS ops). Our new Falcon 7X will be able to accommodate up to 13 passengers. A total of 6 beds can be fitted for long overnight flights. The aircraft also offers provision for a pilot’s rest. The cabin is what you can expect from a Falcon jet: top of the range finishing and unbeatable comfort. Our new jet will be available at the end of the year for its first commercial flights. It will be joined by another Falcon 7X in March 2012.

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